Filtre à eau purificateur d’eau – Royal – 28 Littres – Dôme de Filtration en céramique 0,2 à 0,5 micron – Blanc

23.000 CFA

Un prépaiement peut être exigé. En savoir plus
  • Product Type: Gravity Water Filter
  • Brand: Royal
  • Colour: White
  • Capacity: 28 liters
  • 3 Levels of water purification in 7 steps
  • Ceramic Filtration Dome 0.2 to 0.5 micron to prevent the passage of sediment and microbes and bacteria
  • 6-stage Purification Cartridge; Granulated Activated Carbon, Far Infrared Ceramic Ball, Mineral Stone
    and Mineral Stone
  • Warranty: 03 months

Having access to clean drinking water is the key to any household. Filtration makes the water purer by removing any residues of zinc, lead, mercury, nitrates, pesticides and chlorine. Once your water has been filtered, you will have cleaner water for drinking and cooking.

The Royal 28 litre water filter is the device you need at home, it performs a 0.2 to 0.5 micron ceramic filtration so that no microbes can pass through.

Why use a water purifier?

A water purifier is used to treat the water that is to be drunk and cooked on a daily basis. There are several models, each with different technologies. The carafe filter requires no installation. It reduces the smell and taste of chlorine. The purification process is carried out in 6 stages: Granulated activated carbon, far infrared ceramic ball, mineral stone and mineral stone.

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